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At Hand Functions LLC, our ultimate goal is to provide the best hand and upper extremity rehabilitation services and pediatric occupational therapy services to the patients closer to home. We are located in Wylie, TX and provide services to the North East part of Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex.



· Hand and Upper extremity rehabilitation

Shoulder/Arm Shoulder pain, Shoulder impingement, Bicipital tendinitis, Frozen shoulder, Shoulder arthroplasty, Reverse shoulder arthroplasty, Proximal humerus fractures, Rotator cuff repair, Humerus fracture
Elbow/Forearm Tennis elbow, golfer's elbow, radial head fractures, forearm fractures, Cubital tunnel syndrome, pronator syndrome, radial tunnel syndrome
Wrist/ hand Distal Radius fractures, Carpal tunnel syndrome, any bone fractures in wrist/ hand and fingers, trigger finger. All post op cases
Treatments Custom hand splints, Moist heat, Ultrasound, Cold laser, Manual therapy, therapeutic exercises, therapeutic activity, Scar patches, edema gloves, manual edema mobilization

· General Occupational therapy

Stroke Neuro Re-education, ADL training
Arthritis Joint protection, energy conservation, protective splints, ADL training, therapeutic exercises


Pediatric Occupational Therapy

Hand Writing Use of "Hand writing without tear" program
Fine Motor coordination Graded Exercises
Developmental Delay Early Intervention




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All patients are seen with appointments only.



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